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The Nupo Diet

The Nupo story

The story of Nupo and our products dates back to 1981 - the name Nupo is a combination of the words “Nutritional Powder”.

Nupo was developed at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark by leading obesity researcher Dr. Flemming Quaade in conjunction with the company Oluf Mørch A/S, which was primarily responsible for commercialising the name. Since then, Nupo products have been tested and approved in more than 50 clinical trials and they are being continuously developed and tested by research teams at hospitals throughout Denmark. This makes Nupo the world's oldest and most well-documented Very Low Calorie Diet!

Thanks to Nupo’s great effectiveness and proven results, Nupo’s VLCD products are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration as a full diet replacement, which means that you can replace your entire daily food intake solely with Nupo.

For more than 30 years, Nupo has been Denmarks favourite product for the most effective weight loss, and we are excited to be now bringing Nupo to the Irish market!

At Sam McCauley Chemists, we are pleased to continue providing you with the very best products.

The Nupo diet is safe and effective

The Nupo diet is one of the most effective and safe methods of achieving your weight loss.

All of Nupo’s products contain all of the necessary nutrients, such as proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals – but with a minimum of calories. Together, they give you a good feeling of fullness and well-being because you do not lack any of the vital nutrients you need. This gives your body the chance to burn your fat deposits, and therefore you lose weight.

A Nupo diet can consist exclusively of nutritional powder, or your Nupo diet can also be a mixture of normal food and Nupo products.

The Nupo diet is simple, effective and fast!

The Nupo diet consists of six portions of Nupo Diet meal replacement products and you can choose any variety you wish. The six portions of Nupo that you eat or drink during the day will give you the right combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – with a minimal level of calories. The Nupo diet demands willpower and motivation. But in return, you will achieve your goals faster, which means that you complete your weight loss quicker than with many other diets.

Why don’t you feel hungry on the Nupo diet?

The likelihood that you will experience strong hunger during the Nupo diet is minimal. This is because when you are on a VLCD like the Nupo diet, the body goes through a ketosis-like state.

Ketosis reduces the feeling of hunger, so people typically eat less than they usually would. The body uses all of its carbohydrate reserves and then begins burning fat deposits instead. Thus provides a good basis for losing fat but nothing else while on the diet. What actually happens in the body is that ketone bodies are released into the blood, playing an important role as a source of energy in many tissues, including the nervous system. In fact, one of the ketone bodies secreted is acetone, which may explain the slightly bad breath some people may develop while on a diet.

While the ketone bodies provide energy, they also conserve glucose for the brain and nervous system. This creates a beneficial situation for the body – the brain reduces the need for glucose by using ketone bodies and therefore there is a much lower need for protein in this process – the protein reserves in the body will therefore last longer and the ability to endure the diet without serious tissue damage is improved. Thus the body uses the fat deposits before other important deposits, which is why low calorie diets have become so popular and effective – especially among those who are overweight.

Sources: Nedergaard, Gustav: Human ernæring – grundbog i ernæringslære [Human Nutrition – textbook in nutrition education]. Fourth edition, first printing, 2006. / Widmaier, Eric P. and others: Vander’s Human Physiology – The Mechanisms of Body Function. Eleventh edition, 2008.

What is VLCD

VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet. The Nupo diet, consisting of 6 Nupo meals per day, is a VLCD. Legislation in the field of VLCDs is very strict and ensures that users of these diets are guaranteed to receive 100% of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients their bodies need in a daily diet – with a minimum of calories. By law, a VLCD may contain between 450 and 800 calories per day.

Studies have shown that you cannot lose weight faster by consumer fewer than 800 calories daily. The Nupo diet gives you about 700 calories spread over 6 meals. You are able to keep your blood sugar stable by regularly eating a Nupo meal – you get 100% of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs – and you consume a minimum of calories foreffective and safe weight loss.

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