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Nupo Frequently Asked Questions

About Nupo

How much weight can you expect to lose per week with Nupo?

How many calories per day do you get with Nupo?

Will I gain all of the weight again when I stop the Nupo diet?

Can you avoid feeling hungry when you are on a Nupo diet?

Can I exercise when I am on a Nupo diet?

What types of fibre are in Nupo?

Will my metabolism slow down if I only eat Nupo?

How do you stop the Nupo diet when you have lost the weight you want?

What does VLCD mean?

I have a measuring cup for my Nupo powder – how many do I need for a Nupo meal?

Can I breastfeed while I’m on Nupo?

I have been prescribed medication by my doctor – can I continue my Nupo diet?

Can you be on the Nupo diet for more than 3 weeks?

I have become ill and have a fever. Can I continue my Nupo diet?


Can you mix Nupo with milk?

Can you mix Nupo Diet Shakes and Soups with hot water?

Can I make my Nupo Diet shakes in advance?

Can I freeze my Nupo Diet shakes?

Can I freeze a Nupo Meal Replacement?

Do Nupo products lose vitamins or minerals if you prepare them the night before?

Nupo and meals

Can I make do with 4-5 Nupo packets and supplement them with a healthy dinner?

Can I replace just one meal with Nupo Diet?

Can I replace Nupo powder with a Nupo bar or ready-to-drink product?

When can I eat Nupo Snack bars?

Other questions Do I need to take vitamins when I am only eating Nupo?

Do people get headaches when they eat Nupo?

How much fluid do I need to drink?

I experience a lot of gas when I have eaten Nupo.