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Daniella Moyles Skincare Secrets

Fresh Start

Firstly, please tell us a bit about you and your lifestyle. What does a typical day look like? At what time do you start? How late do you finish?
Monday to Friday a typical day starts with my alarm clock ringing at 5:30am. I am on air hosting the Spin 103.8 breakfast show from 6:45am until 9:45am followed by production meetings, planning for the following days show other bits and pieces in the office until around noon. Some days I may have free time after work to go to the gym or run some errands, other days I will go straight to another job. I still model, write and do some TV work so no day is the same.

A general rule of thumb is that my weekdays are very hectic. If I’m not DJing an event or trying to cram in a gym class my average weekday will start to wind down at about 5 or 6pm, if I’m working that evening I try to have a curfew of 10pm at the latest on jobs. On the weekends I am usually travelling, either to London to see my boyfriend or on a city break or some kind or another with my business partner Martin, we run a travel site called The Travel Two as a passion project and to encourage some extra escapism.

What do you like to do to chill out and for ‘me time’?
I love to take a long hot shower, lather myself in coconut oil, a hair and facemask and curl up with my book.

You travel a lot… you’ve just been on a trip to Sri Lanka, can you tell us more about this passion?
Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the feeling of escapism and the anonymity of travel. As I’ve grown up I’ve become more interested in the life lessons and great memories. It’s a passion I won’t compromise on and something I’ve had to work hard to fit into my lifestyle, with a full time job and the usual everyday commitments we all face, but I really feel it’s worth the extra effort. I’ve ticked of 60 countries and counting.  

Loving the skin you’re in

How would you describe your skin type?
My skin is combination, I get dryness around my eyes and breakouts on my T Zone but for the most part I have been blessed with manageable and relatively well-behaved skin. My problem areas would be under eye circles from my early mornings and rosacea on the cheeks, which I think a lot of Irish women suffer from.


What is your typical daily skincare routine?
I like to keep things pretty skin and consistent. In the mornings I will just splash my face with some cool water, pat dry, tone with some rose water and apply my Idealia moisturiser. A little trick I have is to add a drop of Frankincense oil to my moisturiser for added glow. At night I will cleanse my skin, use my Idealia Peeling night peel and finish with the Idealia skin sleep cream and some 8-hour cream on my eyes and lips for added moisture in the drier areas.
How do you feel your fast-paced lifestyle impacts your skin?
I think it can drain the plumpness and vitality from your face and highlight dark circles, dryness, lines and discolouration. It’s important, to me anyway, to take those 5 minutes in the morning and evening to give my skin some love. If I’m having a particularly busy week, I’ll allocate a half hour on the weekend to do a good exfoliation and face mask and I find that bit of self love improves my overall mood and wellbeing!

What’s your “can’t live without” skincare step? (i.e. cleanse, moisturise, serum, peel, exfoliate)
Defiantly the moisturising part, I love when my skin is glowing during the day and helped to repair at night.

What is it about the Vichy brand/Idéalia range that attracted you to partner with them?
I need products that are quick, convenient and reliable. The Idéalia range really works for my skin and me, no matter how busy my weeks get I know I can maintain my skincare routine and feel good. I’m also very conscious of buying and supporting ethical brands that take a natural approach; Vichy ticked those boxes for me.



In addition to working very early mornings as Spin 103.8 DJ, you model, travel and blog which naturally implies a very hectic life. How do you manage to keep a good skincare routine? Did you find Idéalia Peeling easy to incorporate into your routine?
I can be very habitual with my skincare routine so I was sceptical as to how easily I would adapt to changing products. It took one night! The results were immediate, especially with the Idealia Peeling and the steps were less time consuming than I had been doing! It’s a very manageable skincare routine, 5 minutes in the morning and the evening and people comment on my skin all the time now so it must be working!

Had you ever had a chemical peel before, if so what did you like/dislike about it?
I had a salon chemical peel before and I love the results but I felt it was too harsh for young skin. It gave a deep cleanse than an exfoliation and longer lasting smoothing and even skin tone but I had just resigned myself to waiting until I was older to avail for these nice benefits. I’d never seen an at home daily peeling product like this until Vichy launched Idealia Peeling. It’s about time we could get our hands on something milder and more appropriate for younger skin with the same great results.

Tell us what you think of Vichy Idéalia Peeling - how did your skin feel and look after using it?
It’s a product I wouldn’t leave home without now, a staple part of my daily skincare routine.

What about the rest of the Idéalia range?
I find Idealia Peeling works best when paired with the other products in the range, they are all made with the same natural ingredients and it’s obvious to me after using them together and separately that they’re complimentary, especially the night cream after the peel.

What makes it so ideal?

How would you sum up Idéalia Peeling?
A convenient, hassle free addition to your skincare routine with immediate results.

How would you sum up how it makes your skin feel?
Even tone, smooth and plumped. 

How would you sum up your lifestyle?
Pretty chaotic and absolutely burning the candle at both ends but too much fun to stop, for now! 


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