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Nupo Meal Replacement Bar 60g - Chocolate

Item Code: 5000829
Price €2.99
This delicious and soft Nupo Meal Replacement Chocolate Bar brings you a soft, mild chocolate flavour that reminds you of a real chocolate bar. More Details >
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But at the same time you get the healthy vitamins, proteins and minerals your body needs – with just a minimum of calories at 214 kcal.

During the day, you can replace one or two of your meals with a Meal Replacement shake or bar. If you already use Nupo’s diet products, you can also replace one of the day’s portions with a Meal Replacement product.
Whether you are at work, playing sports or out on the go, Meal Replacement products are perfect to take along as a healthy alternative that gives you a nutritious and tasty meal.

Nupo Meal Replacement Bars give you a good feeling of fullness and well-being because you do not lack any of the vital nutrients you need. This gives your body the chance to burn your fat deposits, and therefore you lose weight.

Hazards and Cautions

Very low calorie diets are not suitable for infants, children and adolescents because this type of diet interferes with normal growth and development.

These types of diets are not recommended for elderly people because they are more vulnerable to adverse health effects that may accompany rapid weight loss.

These diets are not recommended for pregnant women. 

These diets are not recommended for women who are breast feeding. 

Very low calorie diets are based on total food replacement, leaving a substantial calorie gap, which will lead to drastic weight loss. 

Such diets are used as a medical treatment programme designed for obese patients only. Such individuals will have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above, in other words these people have more than about 3 stone or about 19 kg of weight to lose to reach a healthy body weight.

Very low calorie diets should only be used by people who have failed to lose weight using less restrictive diets involving the adaptation of normal food intake. Most obese people do manage to lose weight successfully but have great difficulty in maintaining the weight loss.

A medical assessment is essential to ensure that you do not have a medical condition that would make this type of diet unsuitable for you. You should not follow this diet if you have heart, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout or porphyria. If you suffer from depression or other psychological conditions you should not use a very low calorie diet because of possible effects on mood. Finally, you may be on medication which needs to be adjusted due to the effects of the very low calorie diet.

Continuous medical supervision is essential to ensure you remain healthy while following the very low calorie diet and to advise when you should need to increase your calorie intake (stop relying on the very low calorie diet as a sole source of nutrition). It is recommended that the initial assessment procedures are repeated after every 10-15% reduction in weight.

When you stop following the very low calorie diet you will need expert advice and support on how to change your usual eating habits so that you do not regain all of the weight loss and to reduce your risk of ill health. There are health risks associated with weight loss and weight regain, sometimes referred to as yo-yo dieting.

Qualified dieticians, such as members of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, have the special training in the science of nutrition to design a plan around your lifestyle that will safeguard health and ensure you do not regain the weight you have lost on the very low calorie diet.

Expert Panels assessing very low calorie diets have recommended that they are used for periods of no more than four weeks. Their repeated use is also not encouraged.

Product Type
Meal Replacement Bar  
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Service rating : Service was excellent . Delivery prompt. Online purchase process easy to follow and preform.
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Excellent service only issue I have is the quantities I like to order are often not available


Service rating : Great assistance. I emailed about my region not being on the delivery list. I had a reply the next morning and it was added promptly. Very pleased with the customer service. Products were also delivered very quickly.
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excellent as always. Courier delightful.


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Very quick process and delivery. Very pleased.

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